French Press

French Press



French Press, Stainless Steel Lid, Borosilicate Glass, 800ml, Special Functional Compact Design


- HEAT RESISTANT: Stainless steel frame is produced with heat resistant quality plastic material and borosilicate glass body.
- EASY TO CLEAN: Hand wash is recommended only in cold water. Not suitable for dishwasher washing.
- PRODUCT SIZES: You can prepare 5-6 cups of coffee with 800 ml capacity and serve it to your loved ones.
- FUNCTIONALITY: Heat-resistant plastic handle prevents hot drinks from burning your hand. The french press, which you can easily carry anywhere you go, will help you prepare fast and delicious coffees.


- plastic model.

- stainless steel interior.

- new PP cover.

- borosilicate glass.

- high-temperature resistance.


Rinse and pour some hot water in French Press. Put 13-14 grams of coffee and about 20 ml of hot water for each person in the product's reservoir. Wait about 30 seconds for pre-brewing to take place, then mix water and coffee a little and add another 120 ml of water for each person. After waiting for about four minutes, gently press the press down until the filter reaches the bottom of the bowl, your coffee is ready to serve.


3 Cup has 350 ml capacity